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Innovative solutions for the future of precision medicine

Innovative solutions for the future of precision medicine

Unrivalled biomarkers identification platform by high-throughput real time proteomics

First certified Olink´s core lab in Spain providing the unique
Proximity Extension Assay technology


A highly specific DNA template is created when matched oligo-linked Ab pairs bind to a protein.
The digital signal is read out by qPCR

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Sample volume: 1 microliter

Any type of sample: serum, plasma, cell, tissues, urine, CSF, dried blood spot, etc

High specificity: dual antibody recognition plus oligo hybridisation

High sensitivity: qPCR detection of proteins at very low concentrations (femtograms)

High-throughput and Multiplex: analysis of 92 proteins in 88 samples in one run

15 Panels: Inflammation, CVD, Metabolism, Oncology, Neurology, Customised, etc

Fast service: Delivery of data within 7 days

company’s vision

Growth of Precision Medicine

Our bigger vision is to expand our holistic innovation combining high-throughput analysis, clinical data, and machine learning in all disease areas to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy-response prediction, bringing all the expertise in the field together. By doing so we take a step forward towards bridging the gap between research and practice.

Innovative research methodologies

Fast turnaround high quality analysis